​​​​Dr. Kate King is the President of We Stay Free, Inc.

She is also a retired Professor of Criminology who has dedicated 25 plus years of her life to raising awareness to the root causes of crime, victimization, and recidivism in America's society.

​Welcome To We Stay Free, Inc.

​​No More Crimes; No More Victims

​​Who We Are - and Why

When being released from incarceration, many individuals are simply left outside the bars.  Without support and in a society that’s often changed beyond recognition, some feel it is easier to re-offend and go back to a world they know rather than to struggle with life on the outside.  We Stay Free wants exactly what we’re named – productive citizens who are free and stay that way.

What We Do

Via our 24-hour hotline, 1-615-638-3011, we provide referrals to community resources where previously incarcerated individuals can find housing, food, clothing, and health care.   

In addition, We Stay Free offers empathy, moral support, and good listeners - because sometimes, it helps just to talk.  By helping these men and women, we stem the tide of violence and recidivism, benefiting those individual involved and all of society.  We Stay Free, Inc. is committed to assisting individuals who want to increase their chances of staying free and living well.

 Rebuilding lives;

 Rebuilding communities.​



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